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Default Speed Scrap with Aimee 5:30-6:30pm EST

Welcome to the Super Bowl Scrap-a-Thon! I'm excited to be 'kicking' off our evening of super awesome Speed Scraps!

Join us here in the chatroom for some fun times, fun layouts and an awesome mini - FREE to all participants! are your instructions....

Step 1: place one paper as a base. It would be best if this is solid rather than patterned.
Step 2: outline the page with stitches to form a square.
Step 3: place scraps of paper or ribbons under the stitches so they look stitched on.
Step 4: place one photo slightly off center (towards the left more) be the focal point of your layout, then frame or matte your photo.
Step 5: place a ribbon across the bottom of your photo and then 'stitch' it to the page.
Step 6: Cluster 3 flowers, 1 foliage and 1 flourish on top of the ribbon near the lower right side of the photo.
Step 7: place a large title beneath the flowers.
Step 8: journal beneath the title, then apply shading if you haven't already
Step 9: post in the SuperBowl SpeedScrap Gallery, then share the photo and link to the gallery page here in this thread.

Here's my layout:

PLEASE NOTE! The gallery is down at the moment (Sunday at 7pm EST) and the deadline for layouts is Tuesday...

Aimee Harrison
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