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Default Re: Do you SMASH?

Thank you everyone for your kind words. This was a really fun project to make, and really quite straightforward. I definitely want to dfo the February ones next!

Christine, I'm not sure whether I ever let you know about your blog as I had major problems getting onto the site until yesterday. My firewall had decided to block the site without telling me, apparently on the basis that I had logged in too many times incorrectly. This is all now sorted, thankfully.

Anyhow, I would have thought it would be ok, to photos on your blog, but if you wanted different ones, I could always let you have my originals rather than the posted previews? I certainly have no problems in you directing people to the post, in fact, I have a big grin on my face that you think it is worthwhile doing so As my grandmother would have said, I am really chuffed!
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