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Default Re: Feb PS - QP Exchange

Originally Posted by Amberpony View Post
Raising my hand here...... wave ...wave....wave....
My Picture was placed on top of the LO. So when I delete it you just see the background paper. Do I cut a hole in the LO any way or add a frame with a hole? Mostly I am wanting to just delete the photo and let the next person fill the heart as their creative juices move them to do. How do the rules apply to this inquiring minds want to know?

This question may be unimportant. I just realize I created my LO in 8x8. I forgot to make it bigger for the exchange.
I'm not sure what program you are using, but you could 'select' your opening where your photo is, then 'cut' or delete the selection thru all the layers. Then make sure you save the layout as a 'png file', this will allow others to just 'slip' their photo into the slot.

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