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Default Re: March 2012 Font Challenge!

Also, to make this font into a stamp, I have little trick I'd like to show you:

Step 1
double click the layer you would like to make into a stamp

You will get this prompt:

Please note how the the area in red. The bottom slider should be the same as the one above BEFORE you start working on the blending.

1. Press down the alt key at the same time as you click on the white pointed box on the far right of the bottom slider. This will separate the box into two parts.
2. Slide your mouse to the left with the left half. Watch how the slider changes the blend mode as it moves to the left. You can move both parts separately. You may also do this with the black box on the far left

If they stick together at any time, just use alt/mouse-click to separate them.

There is no magic number for this, it just takes some fiddling with. But play around and you will find this an extremely useful little trick!




I use it in almost all my layouts

If you have further questions, let me know. I don't know how to do this in elements, though, or any other programs. But if someone can post directions on how to do it in elements, that would be great!


Aimee Harrison
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