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Default MrsHannigan New here too

I'm new here, too. I just discovered digital scrapbooking a little while ago and I am totally hooked. I married my high school sweetheart 14 1/2 years ago and we have six daughters. I am a writer, my other addiction is blogging. I blogged about digital scrapbooking, and I was recently introduced at a luncheon as "a professional blogger and scrapbooker." which raised some eyebrows, it was funny. Especially when I piped in with "I've been working as a hotel reviewer online and I just discovered digital scrapbooking ." as if that would explain it all.

Ahhh whatever- nice to share company with you all, I've been loving the gallery, and all the ideas. I just can't wait to wake up every day and scrap yesterday's pictures. It's so funny because I've been laying them out as I snap them.

I can't wait to start designing my own elements. Please- if I ever ask how to do it just ignore me, I don't need another addiction.
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