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Default Goodbye Radar

Many of you know Radar. He had been my avitar for a long time and I have posted many pages showing him off.

He was my baby, my companion, and my comfort in times of trouble. When my housband was laid off from his home building job we moved from Houston to a small East Texas town where we had property and a small house. We live near his mother so I can help take care of her. I lived in several large cities and it has taken some time to get used to life in a small town. Other than my husband and family two things helped me get by, this site and my Radar.

A sphynx is a special cat. They are thought to be the most intelligent of all breeds (although in my opinion all cats are intelligent, wonderful creatures). They seek warmth all of the time, so they love to cuddle. They are demanding, loving, energetic, fun, and comical. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Somehow, with our children grown and gone, Radar became our baby. We doted on him and loved him so much.

Two days ago, when Radar got up in the morning, he could not move his back legs. His back feet were very cold and he was so scared. I rushed him to the vet's office and he was checked out. They could not find what was wrong. Things went from wrong to the unthinkable so fast. Within a few hours the cold was up to his waist and he was having a hard time breathing.

He left us that evening.

My husband was out of town, but came rushing back. We are both incredibly sad and I cannot stop crying. I see him everywhere. I miss him so.

We have lost other pets, but this one was so special.

Goodbye Radar, we loved you.

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