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Default Celebration Avatar Fun!

Let's have some fun with our Avatar's this month as we celebrate here at theStudio! The theme is CELEBRATION and your job is to create an Avatar using that theme. You are free to interpret this however you like - here are some suggestions: A photo of you celebrating something, use a digital kit (preferably one of theStudio's) to turn a photo of you into one of you celebrating, use a digital kit (preferably one of theStudio's) to create a fun celebration themed mini-layout.

What to do: Make yourself a new avatar to show off in the forum with a Celebration theme! Put it on and post back here in this thread to show it off and enter the competition. Note: Avatars are a maximum of 175x175 px or 40 KB (whichever is smaller).

Come back here and post so we can see your new avatar! All participants will get a little something at the end of the month!

How to Change your Avatar: click on User CP at the top of the forum (left side), scroll down a little and find the "Edit Avatar" link along the left. Upload a new avatar using the on-screen instructions and click "save changes!"

If you are looking for a great FREE kit to use to create yours, be sure to check out theStudio's Celebrate Good Times Blog Hop that kicks off Sunday, April 1. I'll cheat a little and throw my mini kit (this is the same mini that will be available on my blog) here in case you want to get started now!


Thanks for looking! Find more Nibbles Skribbles:

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