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Default Scavenger Hunt 2012

Hi guys!! Is everyone ready to play another round of Scavenger Hunt?!

First, for those of you who have never played before, it's really very simple!

  • Make a list of each answer as you come across them - IMPORTANT: Please include BOTH Designer name and Kit name - If the designer name and/or kit name is NOT on your list, you cannot win!
  • PM (Private Message) me your list once you are done
  • I will let you know if you are correct and send you your prize!
  • If you are not correct, I will inform you which ones you have wrong so you can try again. **YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TWO CHANCES TO GUESS CORRECTLY!!** If there is something wrong the 2nd time, then you cannot win the prize, sorry!

Everyone else who submits a complete, correct list will WIN our April12 Mega: Smile absolutely free!! (substitutions can occur if you've already purchased this kit)

Now, to make things fair to all, I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANSWERS UNTIL TOMORROW, APRIL 3, 2012 AFTER 8AM EST!! This gives everyone a fair advantage to actually see this game, the rules, and start hunting! I know everyone is on different time zones and I would hate to have someone miss out on that fantastic Grand Prize for being first!

If you have any questions, or get stuck on a clue and need another one, just post here in this thread and I will do my best to help you out without giving it away! Good luck everyone and have fun!!

NOTE: Just to clarify because it was brought up in a PM, you do have the entire month to get your list to me, the hunt will not close until midnight on Apr. 30th - I'm so sorry for leaving off that bit of information! We know it takes time to get into the store and browse through 1000+ products and we very rarely have contests or challenges that only run for a 24hour period, especially with all the different time zones for our members So you all have plenty of time to get your answers to me to win that Mega Kit Thanks everyone!! And, remember, if you get stuck on a clue, come on in here and ask for help!

Here are your 30 clues:

  1. Constantly moving around outside of home
  2. a place you'd find Bulldozers
  3. seeing or understanding completely
  4. Music in a place for flowers
  5. every child is born with this purity
  6. Someone who escapes into their mind during sleep
  7. Another word for opportunities
  8. It's just ________ ____ - same old, same old
  9. A "photo" of "that"
  10. A giant vision you have while sleeping
  11. A very old Feb 14th - Vintage Valentine by DarleneH Designs (this product is no longer in the store so you get a little freebie on this one! )
  12. A girly insect that could be yellow
  13. A rebirth or reformation of something
  14. On Sunrise
  15. It's all about when two lips meet
  16. A single & individual belonging to me
  17. Sugary Citrus
  18. The earliest celebration of life
  19. a TV show about 3 witch sisters
  20. Eternally belonging to me
  21. Companions for infinity
  22. Snuggly snowy season
  23. Mom of all things outside
  24. little flying insects & early flowers
  25. An infatuation with a sturdy, thick paper (all combined together)
  26. A flying reptile that lives in a stone house
  27. Bring me to another place
  28. A priceless female newborn (#1)
  29. Small slang for boy
  30. Vacation for your soul

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