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Default Re: July12 PS - Day4

That looks like a wonderful wedding and I agree that is a beautiful dress. When I got married, it was a very small ceremony. Took place at the Baptist church my in-laws attended. Only my husband, his family, two friends and I were there. There was no wedding gown and no flowers. So for our 5th anniversary we went to the Catholic church I belong to and renewed our vows. Then on our 10th we went to city hall to renew again. We enjoyed this so much that on our 15th it was our friend, a pastor of a nondenominational church. And so on every 5 years, each time to a different place or a different church. Last year was our 40th and we went to Las Vegas to an Elvis chapel. By now, I think we are in this marriage for good. Too much trouble to undo them all.

Anyway, here is my day 4:

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