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Default Build a Gingerbread House - Day 4

Oh, wow, I love how creative you all are - seriously, all those gingerbread houses, villas, castles... they're stunning!!!

Today I have two big downloads for you - it's a small collection of backgrounds and cardstock from a couple of my (aka deliscraps) kits, that I thought would fit with theme and color.

Your task for today: Add some background or clip some papers to windows or other shapes (yes, you may use shapes I did not provide). You may sit back and relax today, if you do not want to add any papers to your project.
If you have special wishes for things that should be included in the last download tomorrow, post here in this thread, I will try to fulfill your wishes... (no guarantee though, I know I won't do a gingerbread Ferrari for example, lol)

Save your work and post it in the Christmas in July gallery and leave a link here in this thread so we all can admire your work!

Here are your links:
Day 4 Part 1 and Day 4 Part 2

See you tomorrow - keep me in awe with your creativity!


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