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Default Build a Gingerbread House - Day 5

Welcome to the last day of the Build-a-Gingerbread-House PS!

And did you all build some fantastic houses!!!! I was not sure how this challenge would turn out, it's always exciting and a little bit scary to try out something new. But I should have know not to be scared, lol - because you ladies are all fantastically talented! I'm stunned and lost for words when I look at the gallery - YOU ROCK!!! did leave me with a tiny, little problem: Your pages already look so complete, I couldn't think of much to add for today... ... so I hope you will not be disappointed, if your last download will be a little smaller... (and if you really miss a special element... I'm only a pm away)

Your task for today: Finish off your project - pages, houses, castles, mansions, villas, advent calendars, barns (did I forget something?) - any way you want! Add things, move things, delete things, recolor, replace, resize... do as you wish!

Save your work and post it in the Christmas in July gallery and leave a link here in this thread!

Here is your link:
Day 5

Thank you all for playing along, I hope you had as much fun as I did and enjoyed your downloads. Please, make sure you have them all as I wil be taking them down, soon.

Have a fantastic weekend, see you all around!
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