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Default Re: Build a Gingerbread House - Day 5

Originally Posted by teresaj View Post
Thanks so much for the wonder gingerbread boy & boy and smoke and all the wonderful items. Here is my final layout. I am going to print it out and glue it to a magnetic board and use a magnet with a Gingerbread button glued on top of it to count down the days.

... or you could print it a second time, but this time with pics in the windows instead of numbers (actually you just have to print the windows). Then carefully cut the windows on the "number version" on three sides and glue the "picture" version behind it - no glue on the windows, lol. That way you can open one window every day and get a little surprise (and getting it ready now will help you forget what pics you put there until Dec 1st, lol).


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