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Default FAQ's

I will post answers to questions here.

Q: Can the current Studio CT participate in the challenge?
A: Yes, they can play for fun but will not be counted in voting or eligible for prizes.

[B]Q: [/B?] I don't have kids, can I use a friends photo?
[B]A: [/B?] If you know the friend for real. You may NOT use images you find online, stock images or anything of that kind. There are too many copyright issues, and theStudio does not want to be held responsible for incorrect use of photos.

Q: I had a question regarding the states that fonts and tools with our program (I use CS5) can be okay. Does that also include blending, any kind of shapes...and especially if I have my own mask I made. Are these okay?
A: You may use shapes, masks etc. that came with your program, or that you create. You may not use any purchased shapes or masks for the contest. You may use tools and tricks that your program allows, such as changing a blending mode.

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