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A Few Of Our Favorite Things
(from the Sound of Music)

Bright colored paper, cut into scraps
A flower, a staple, a ribbon perhaps
Draw out some frames and some fairies with wings
These are a few of our favorite things!

Cream colored posies and crisp apple stickers
Beautiful papers with hundreds of brushes
Add some glitter, a flourish, some rings,
These scraps are new - full of magical things!

Accents and borders, tags and journal mats...
Shapes that are different and templates so funky...
Brown wooden frames adorned with twine...
I love them all, I want them as mine!

When the glue clumps
When the page sticks
When it doesn't look right
I simply thank God for Digital Scraps
and then I stay up all night (scrapping of course, lol).
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