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Talking I didn't fall of the edge of the world.....

Honestly! :-)

There will be a challenge this month, if you haven't given up on me, that is.....

If someone would be wondering in the future, what was going on in your family this summer, what would you tell them? THAT is the challenge this month. Something that happened this summer, or the sum total of it. On one or 2 page(s) for those who come behind us.

There are a couple of rules for this one:
* one picture at least, because I cannot imagine anybody not having taken one picture this summer
* thoughts, feelings but most of all memories in journaling. Please don't leave it to one liners, unless the pictures tells the whole story of "who, where, when and why"
* try and use a studio designer but at the very least credit the designer of the pieces you used.

Please post your page here and in the gallery