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Default Re: The Wheels on the bus....

I had to modify my page, because I couldn't find my kid's pictures and I never got all of my son's school pictures each year, after I started a life of chronic pain. He didn't like photos, so he wouldn't bring the order form home and would say he just forgot when I would ask hom where the photos were, once I realized the photos were missing at the end of the year.
Since the bus template came with unsized pieces that piled up on the middle of the page as you loaded the template on to your work space, instead of each piece being assigned a specfic place on the page, I thought that personalizing the template however much or little we wanted too, was the intent of the template designer I went for it. I used to take a "First Day Of School" picture of them together each year when they were little, so I used one of those pictures and made a one pg template out of the bus. I hope you like it! I added as many details as I could remember to make the bus look like our local Louisiana buses.

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