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From the Piggy Re: NDC Round 1 Challenge: Moonrise

Hi Jacque! Great to see you again. Thanks for the vector answer. That's my understanding as well, but I don't think my definition would have been as clear & easy.

As for your questions:

1. patterned paper-does this mean it MUST pe repetitive patterns or anything that is NOT a solid? and they need to be just a cardstock type paper or something with a light overlay ok?
answer: I would love to see repetitive patterns and how you work with them. However, I mean anything that is NOT a solid.

2. CU itmes. it says credit as needed by TOU. if the TOU says no credit required do we need to credit it anyway or put CU's used or something?
answer: Yes. Regardless of the CU items TOU, you must credit all items used in this mini.

3. i'm sure we can put these on our blog but guessing we should link it to the Sudio Gallery where the links are located?
answer: Yes. You may blog away. However, please post the download links only on our gallery... at least during all of Round 1 (until September 9).

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