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Default Post The Most - Check In Here!

Happy September Everyone! My name is Jewel, and I am your host for Post The Most.

This challenge is super easy, and super fun! All you have to do is chat! Yep! Forum posts, gallery comments, games, all of it counts as a post. Post often and post lots and win!

Here are the rules:
  1. You MUST check into this thread with your username. Once you post, check the post count of that post, edit it, and put in your starting post count. Check in right now - so all your posting counts!
  2. Post, comment, leave love, all month long.
  3. At the end of the month, you MUST check back into this thread the same way. Post your username, then check the post count of that post and edit with your ending post count. If you do not check in at the end of the month you will not earn your prize.
I will keep a running total of all the people who check in in this post, so you can always double check to see if I got you

What do you win? The top poster for the month of September will win Digilicious' September p365 Collection! Awesome!

Fore everyone else, I've set up some milestones for you and you can earn $$ to my store. Your gift certificates will last at least 3 months so you can use them on new releases Here is how it breaks down:
  • post count of 100 = $2 gift certificate to my store
  • post count of 300 = $5 gift certificate to my store
  • post count of 500 - $7.50 gift certificate to my store
  • post count of 1000 (yes, you can do this!) = $10 gift certificate to my store
members participating:
msbrad: 609
DanielleS83: 184
PamR: 2473
HollyinPA: 18
NancyP: 139
debbyann73: 514
kerryt: 1
kabrak1207: 345
vadkins: 49
Amberpony: 4118
Elizabeth: 325
Aveziur: 1466
jimmyrose: 3647
Bright Eyes: 432
Yorkiemom: 38
wvsandy: 123
LLinda: 145
Renee: 4.222
ladydrake64: 391
Min: 4170
sparkysgirl: 307
kimberkatt: 8230
JeepDiva: 60
pbhill: 933
cylynn: 342
jilbert: 67
jmdt1129: 508
Maurine Stettler: 3,465
ceefl0wer: 869
amsangel: 646


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