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Default Re: Scavenger Hunt: The Clues!

mwahahahaha.... I love to baffle!

I had some requests for additional clues to some of them, and figured some of you might benefit from it

Let's see....

#10 - What you put on an ice cream sunday to "top" it off

#13 - A female mythical creature that lives in the oceans & a place where there are slides and swings for children to play on

#14 - People who went to Woodstock in the '60's were mostly called what

#18 - what's another word for Red & a vision you have while sleeping

#22 - "Don't _______ the Charmin" - popular toilet paper commercial or what you have to do with Lemons to make Lemonade

#23 - Like a song, but mostly compiled together into books for people to read, Robert Frost is a very popular one
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