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Thank you SO much for that list of tutorials!!! I think I went through every one of them even if they were for something other that Photoshop CS ... I learned SO much and I'm actually considered a PS Pro (started using Photoshop at version 2.5)!!!! Goes to show you, you can never learn all that Photoshop or, for that matter, any graphics software can do ...

Now to share --

I have learned so much from Nathan Smith's abundance of tutorials and links (in fact, they're all over the place and, unfortunately, I've lost most of the links due to some hardware problems). I recommend that you start with his deviantART account ( and go from there. I learned about making jewels and beads using his tutorials and have since turned many of the techniques into layer styles (note to self: get organized and post some of these styles).

Although not free, this resource is worth every penny ... especially since the monthly cost is no more than the cost of one GOOD graphics textbook. The site is ( I've been a fan of "Lynda" and her crew back when she first started publishing books about creating graphics for use on the web and I still love her stuff. I am still a subscriber even though I've retired and must pay for it with my own penny's (~$25/month).

Again, thanks to all for taking the time to share your links/resources!!!
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