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Default Re: Septembers Challenge - Part One!

Originally Posted by NancyP View Post
Well, I thought I'd take a chance and found an action, followed the path from C and dragged it over there. Then went to PSE and------couldn't find it!!! How do you find a new action. But I did find something called Unsharpen Mask, and this is what it did to my photo. Do I know what I'm doing???? Do pigs fly?????

Originally Posted by DanielleS83 View Post
LOL Nancy you crack me up! I don't use PSE so I honestly don't know. BUT if you ask in the forum I am sure many others will have the answer and we can BOTH learn! Thank you for playing along!!

Nicely done Norma! I love horses personally so you had me at neigh :0)
MPC Actions has a fantastic tutorial on installing and troubleshooting actions in PSE. She explains how to fix your exact problem Nancy. You need to reset your mediadatabase.db3 file I hope this helps ♥
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