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Default Re: Chat Thread: Week 1

You DID manage to breath in there somewhere right?

Have you checked out dropbox or mediafire? They're pretty decent. Honestly I dropbox and can send you an "invite" if you like - I can also help you get it all figured out! If you want to do that just send me a PM so this doesn't get lost in the madness that is the forum

Originally Posted by browneyedsusan View Post
Didn't even know this was here. But the week has been crazy for me. Our second week of school (I am the asst. director of a preschool) and it has just been so busy. I was so excited about the contest and uploaded my entry and then went to bed. Woke up the next morning so excited to check and someone said I had my blog train download for the download. I am very OCD so I freak out completely. I had clicked on the first link instead of the second. Teach me not to double check (it was late and I posted and went to bed). I scrambled and replaced that and then I checked again before I left for work and it said they couldn't download and I was over my bandwidth. So I go in there and pay for more room and had to run to work. I didn't get to check till later when I got home from work because I had gone out to eat for my birthday. It said they were getting the same error. I go check and it does not show my extra bandwidth. I am really not happy now and went and paid again and it instantly showed so I don't know what happened. I am trying to figure it all out and have been. I signed up for a website but can't figure out how to get the link for the uploads so people can download. I have burned the midnight oil trying to figure it out but it is such fun. I am loving all the mini kits and the spirit and kindness of everyone is amazing. Good luck to everyone!! This girl is here to stay, can't wait to have more time to check everything out.
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