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Default BINGO! Let the Game Begin!

Hi all!

First, just wanted to mention that some of us are in the chat room right now We decided it would be a fun thing to do, so come join us every day at 2pm!!

I will also be posting the words called here in this forum thread, for those that cannot make it at 2

Stay tuned, first 3 words will be called soon!

Edit: There was some confusion, sorry about that, I wasn't very clear! lol I will be calling 3 words per day all month long until we have some winners! So, this game will last all month, very easy & relaxed, and that way we don't leave some out that are in different time zones!

Edit: I almost forgot to tell you all about this AWESOME participation prize! The nerve of me! Everyone who uploaded a Bingo card will receive And Many More Mini Kit by Amber Shaw Designs!

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