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Default Re: What's Everyone Reading?

Originally Posted by Toiny View Post
I just finished the fifth in the "Game of Thrones" series and am jonesing for the sixth. He needs to write faster LOL. I've got a paper back "bones" book for in the bath & the newest Sookie Stackhouse on my kindle. And a big stack of design, scrap, and cooking magazines in my office.

I'm looking to try the Fairy Witch books. Can't believe I missed the free!
Toiny, I am so hanging out for the next installment of A song of Ice and Fire! Last year I devoured all 5 books in 2 weeks (I barely slept and my children were slightly I've been watching the series as well and have been pleasantly surprised at how 'true' to the book they have stayed

I'm a huge fan of Lisa Gardner, Karen Slaughter, Dean Koontz, James Patterson & Karen Robbards. And I love me a little vampire goodness too The Sookie Stackhouse series is my fav although the last book felt a little like Charlaine was running out of steam with this 4 is still my fav.... ♥.
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