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Default Creating Links in the Forum & Gallery

I'm going to show you the easiest way to make text (and then an image) clickable.

Whether you are working in the forum or the gallery, you can use this method. For the gallery, you'll need to open a forum window, and type like you are posting a reply - only you'll just copy and paste your text to the gallery and not post it!

Here we go:

Clickable Text

Type your words. Often, you will be linking to credits in the store.

Then highlight the words you want to make clickable. Click on the little funny blue circle with a sideways 8 next to it.

Paste your URL into the box that pops up and click OK.

Now your forum post (or information for the gallery) is ready. Simply Post the Quick Reply or Copy/Paste it to the Information box in the gallery.

Clickable Images

Do do this with an image, it's almost the same! For this, we will find a layout in the gallery we want to link to.

Find the layout in the gallery, and scroll down below the description you entered. Copy the text in the direct link box.

Go to the forum and click on the little yellow box with a mountain on it in the forum. Paste the link you just copied and click OK.

Now, go back to the gallery and copy the URL of the page your layout is on.

Then back to the forum. Where we will highlight the entire image - from [IMG all the way to IMG] - and do the same thing we did when linking text, click the blue circle with the sideways 8, paste the link and click OK.

Now when you post your reply, the image itself will be linkable to the gallery.

**You can skip the adding a link if you just want to post an image somewhere.

Hope that's helpful!

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