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Default Re: NDC 2012: Round 3 Challenge

I'm sure glad I'm on Pacific time so I could have most of my questions answered ... I was a little afraid I would have too many. However, reading this post did bring up another question. I have MULTIPLE graphics programs, including Art Rage and Filter Forge (which I use in standalone mode). I can understand not being able to use Filter Forge, but I don't understand why one couldn't use Art Rage. What if that were the only graphics program someone had (I actually know folks that only have Art Rage)? Are we only allowed to uses certain graphics applications???

Also, may we use more than one graphics program??? I have Adobe CS5 Web Pro which includes Illustrator and Photoshop Extended (along with Flash and Fireworks which I don't use) and I often use both to create things since I haven't really gotten the hang of using vectors in Photoshop. I also have Painter Essentials, Art Rage, and some iPad applications that I use depending upon the effect I'm trying to get.

Originally Posted by jusmedigital View Post
the way it was last year -- and I'm pretty sure it's the same this year (except you guys received the awesome CU grab bag) -- anything that came STANDARD with your design program, you can use. shapes, brushes, styles, etc. you may create your own CU items (including brushes, overlays, etc). just make sure you credit appropriately.

for example:
ribbon 1 - scanned & extracted by me
paper 3 - used shapes with photoshop CS5

it is my understanding that you may NOT use filter plug ins or additional software such as art rage, filter forge, etc.

good luck!
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