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From the Piggy Re: One more question--Silhouette Cameo

Thanks for sharing that Nancy! I did not know that. I've only touched the Cameo, but I did extensive reading about the Cricut & the Cameo before taking the Cameo for a test spin. I fell in love with it at first sight! The thought of being able to "print" my designs already cut out just made me giddy with possibilities.

We are testing it behind the scenes and working on some fun projects Cameo owners can do it with it. There are endless possibilities. It is really, really exciting. Doubly so for someone like me who enjoys scrapbooking & quilting!

Originally Posted by NancyP View Post
Well, when I was home on vacation I stopped by the sb shop where I use to work. Vickie showed me some very intricate detail work on a piece she had cut out with the Cameo. My Cricut would have torn that to pieces!!! If it gets really tiny and intricate, my Cricut tears it up. And I put in a new blade and tried all sorts of different settings. Thats what convinced me that I wanted a Cameo.

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