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Default About time to introduce myself

LOL My name is Sheri and I live in the North valleys of Reno.I am married to Ed, Biological mom to Brandi 16 Jeremy soon to be 15 & Jaden 12. I am Pround Step mom to Dilan 14, B.J. 10 & Kerin 9. B.J. & Kerin live with me fulltime. I say me because Hubby is now working out of state. lol I also have plenty of other babies. I have a furbaby named Jasmyn, Hubbys dog jake but he answers to stupid, a 20 pound cat yep 20 pounds named ozzy, A huge oscar fish named kojin, a betta named wicked, & 5 goldfish without names. LOL I am a busy woman I tell ya!
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