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Default Re: I am Freaking Out (Really Long Rant)

Thank you everyone. Your kind words have really meant a lot to me. I just cant speak to my family & friends at home about this because the worry so much about us being so far away.

I do want to update you all. DH called a hotline # the equilivant to the drug enforcement unit. He was given a case # and told if he has any further information (other than what he had already said), he can refer to that #. He told me that they were just taking the information [professionally] without emotion, until he told them about the kids that go over every day during school. Then it seems they took him more serious. He also gave the hotline # to our neighbor (she is just like Gladys Kravitz - the neighbor on Bewitched). She said she will call today from a friends phone.
I suspect that there will soon be some action. Now untiil this mess is over I am going to be even more nervous. Thanks for the prayers.
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