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Default Re: NDC 2012: Round 3 Challenge

Originally Posted by ktkadoo View Post
Even though I got my kit up, I'm still very is the day I catch up on the housework I should have been doing when I was too busy playing. I'm loving what I'm seeing everyone.
You ain't kiddin' Katie. I have four days worth of laundry and lots of dishes to catch up on! All that extracting was time consuming for me (I am very, very slow at that!).
I love seeing everyone's different takes on the color palette-some very similar too
Can't wait to see the rest!

BTW-Toiny-I posted my kit under my old account name by accident so rxdawg97 = HoneyBee Digital (is there a way to combine my accounts into one without losing my previous posts-I'd prefer HoneyBee Digital)
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