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Default Re: Digi Detective Sep 12, Week 3, Day 5

Thank You so much Min for your prompt pm and for allowing me to play Detective with you and your fans. The first dumb thing I did was to spend an hour looking for the kit under the 2 designer names you said “DON’T LOOK AT”; which shows how well I read~LOL. But once I got my Magnifier point back on the right trail the four clues made it simple to thrust out the incorrect kits and reveal the “Culprit” kit. I wanted to try this many times before; but I am so bad at games I was afraid to try. I would like to thank you for making it so easy for me. I hope to play with all of you again; if I can figure out how to get back to the Detective forum again after closing my computer. Please Thank all the Designers for offering their FABULOUS kits so that we can play this AWESOME game. Their Generosity is so Much Appreciate. God Bless You ALL~Blowing Hugs & Kisses Your Way.
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