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Default Re: NDC 2012: Round 4 Challenge

Originally Posted by ktkadoo View Post
Am I correct then that we have through Thursday to get it done? All the other rounds were a Wednesday, right? Extra day, or typo?
Oh girl, I kiss you for that question!
I didnīt notice that additional day and would work all the last night long once again.
Now I will get a little bit more sleep...

By the way, I was thinking about not to start the final round, because I've been neglecting my family and home the last 3 weeks, but my hubby said "Do it!" - he is so sweet.

Originally Posted by createdbyjill View Post
Five days to create total fabulousness.....oh-em-gee!
Jill, donīt groan! You did it fabulusness the last 3 weeks

Originally Posted by britnkaysmemaw2 View Post
Congrats to all of you!
Thank you!

So I will be busy now and think donīt come back until Thursday.
Best wishes, good ideas and big cups of coffee to all you contestants!!

( boah, itīs the first day and Iīm already tired - hubby, one cup of coffee please...)
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