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Default NDC Play Along Round 4 final week

Well ladies here we are, the last week of september and you are all welcome to come on over to the playalong, no stress just fun and just to make it more fun, the winner will receive a coupon to buy my CU store. that's everything in my CU store, apart from collabs and studio grab bags.

so, onwards and upwards ladies, get your inspiration wings on and fly.....

this week you are going to be doing the same as the Finals contestants, you will have an extra day since I am a day late posting this.

PLAYALONG GALLERY - - post your kit preview and links here
Playalong Layouts and Extra Previews Gallery


This round I want to see, as they say in the cooking competitions, you on a plate. This kit should be everything you are as a Designer. There are minimal rules here, I really want to see YOU and what you are capable of.

Please be very careful with quality, both with your own designs as well as purchased CU. More than any other round, in this round quality can & will cost you the win. Likewise be sure to properly credit in your TOU.

The Challenge:
In keeping with our running theme of the moon, and my love for Captain Kimo, choose one photo, any photo, from Captain Kimo's gallery as your inspiration.

You will create your theme, your palette and your description from this photo.

The Rules:

Use the photo to inspire your kit. Remember the running base theme is the moon. Please include:
- Your Palette
- A description, same as when you list your product in a store, sell your kit
- A link, in your description, to the photo in Captain Kimo's gallery that inspired your kit
- There is no size limit
- Include a terms of use (TOU) within your zip file(s).
- The preview must be 600X600px, 72dpi, and a jpg file.
- The preview must include all papers, elements, kit name and your logo.
- Previews must be posted in the NDC Week 4 Entry Gallery due September 28, 2012 by 23:59 EST.
- Include your download links with your preview in the gallery only.
- Links must be available until September 31st, 2012. It is appreciated if they are available until October 1, 2012.
You may use commercial use/designer resource products in the creation of your kit. You may use more than one photo-editing/vector program to create your kit. You may use plug-ins.

Please do not break any copyright laws in this competition--you will be disqualified if you do. Do give credit, as required, to any Commercial Use products you use.

All previews must be posted in the NDC Week 4 Entry Gallery. Please post your download links there as well. You may use any outside host including 4shared/rapidshare/boxnet etc. You must use ZIP files only. Do not use RAR. You may blog all you like about the contest.

Voting will again be done privately by theStudio Design & Admin teams only.

- Round 4 kit will be due September 28, 2012 by 23:59 EST.
- Round 4 results will be posted September 31st, 2012 by 6:00 am EST.
I have worked hard to make these rules as clear and easy to understand as possible. However, if you have any questions please post here or PM me.

Good luck!
And Have Fun

~~ Tracy ~~
Studio Designer ~ QC Liason
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