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Default Re: Freebie downloads and viruses

Ahhh, Yeah I knew it wasn't the designers fault by no means. I notice I get more ad's for over seas download hosting sites, kinda of wierd and I am going to have to do that, Thanks a bunch.

Originally Posted by tx5ft2 View Post
Since most of the designer's freebies are at mediafire, I finally just gave in a few weeks ago and got a subscription at mediafire because, I too, kept getting many viruses from their ads. It's not the designer's downloads. I came to the conclusion that 9.00 per month was cheaper than taking the chance of losing everything I had. Now, I first go to mediafire and have my account open, then I go to the links for downloading (with the other open, so I don't have to log in each time and get any ad beforehand). It's been great for me. No ads, no viruses.
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