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Default Re: BINGO! Let the Game Begin!

Originally Posted by Renee View Post
Bingo???? Are you kidding???? Not ina million years if the words keep being far away from my card!!!

So how old are your kids, how would they like a real card, a postcard from the Netherlands?
I could write some small words on the back
How on earth did I miss this?? The kids are 6 & 7 and I bet they would LOVE a card from the Netherlands! ooooo, and if you did it in Dutch that would be even cooler!! I used to have pen pals way back when I was in school, one from Spain, one from France & one from Russia and I loved it! Now I have "penpals" on the internet Much faster to email, but I miss the actual physical writing & note cards

of course, it may not get to us until AFTER the bingo game...... but feel free to jot down those words anyway......... hahahahhaaa.......
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