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Default Re: NDC 2012: And The Winner Is....

Congratulations Jill, Manu & Jen! I'm excited to welcome you to the team!!

And a big, big round of applause for each contestant, these kits were all SO good, I wish we could take you all! I've bookmarked you guys, I'll be that sneaky stalker chick that follows you around You ALL were amazing, not just in your designing talent, but in your willingness to help each other out, the friendly banter that's been exchanged and your overall good sportsmanship!! I really do hope you all come back to keep in touch, I'm going to miss this terribly! It's always a big "Whew!" when the contest is over, but, in the same sense, there's a big "sigh!" that all the fun has to end! Best of luck to you all for the future! You are one wonderful group of ladies!
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