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Default Re: NDC 2012: And The Winner Is....

Congratulations Jill! You deserve it GF! It will be so fun seeing you here among the designers at theStudio. I know you're excited because Toiny posted the winners and 2 minutes later you were there! You must have had to have a potty break for it to have taken 2 minutes for you to answer ROFL!

Congratulations to Manu and Jen too! You both deserve it too! Enjoy your time here! But first, relax and go play for a few days as I know it has been sooo nerve wracking on you both.

Above all, congratulations to everyone who participated. It is tough to put yourself out there in a competition like this one. You stepped up to the plate and that took courage and what we call down in the South "grit". You inspired me and no doubt many others to stretch and reach outside the box. You are all true hero-ettes!
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