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Default Re: Surprise Me Border Challenge

Oh, Carol.. what a cutie! I love that this layout shows her different personalities!! Love the border! So perfect for this page!

LOL, Jill! We.., since you DID add to the border with the other flowers and the branch, we’ll call it good! Actually, we’ll call it great!  Very cute page! Love the scene you created!!

NoAVampireLvr… I wouldn’t know this isn’t your style! It’s a lovely page, and your border is very intricate and perfectly suited for this page!

Vrmoondance.. what a fun border! Love the colors of it, the fun repetition of the flowers, and the elements tucked in so nicely! Beautiful border!

Winston.. this is lovely! Love the 2 different papers you used for your background, and the cluster – border is just beautiful! Love all of the elements tucked in, and the balance is perfect.

Beautiful, Michi!! I love the photo blend, and you always have the most interesting dates! Neat way to show lots of photos, and I love the border!!!! It beautifully balances all of the color at the botton, in your photos!

Berny – I love the color you chose to use for the frame. It brings out the grey/blue of his feathers! Beautiful border… the colors really make it pop off the page!

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