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My dad is a musician, so of course i had to marry a musician right? lol. My dad was a traveling gigging musician which I hated as a child, but my hubby is not - he works in IT and music is his hobby. He is really talented at it and sometimes I feel bad it's not is career, but I am thankful he isn't on the road.

My dad is aging, and I get to hear him perform less and less. He really is talented - brilliant at it. He just lacked marketing skills or he would be world famous. He sings blues and rock and has a rich deep voice and plays piano and guitar and harmonica. He started playing when he was 3. It's totally who he is.

I like to sing but I am too scared to do it around people. My kids both sing well, too, but I don't know how to help them be more confident about it when I am not. They both show on and off interest in the guitar, which is hubby's instrument, but they don't want lessons or anything - not yet at least!

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