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Thanks for the welcome .. its been awesome. Ive my eye on some challenges already but being Easter, Im sorta spending time with my family (something I dont normally do )

Originally Posted by Lori11941 View Post
When I have time to actually scrap (lol), I like to challenge myself by seeing how many challenges I can satisfy with one LO. So I'll do a font challenge from one board, using a template for a challenge at another, and maybe the colors required for a third. You get the picture. The most I've ever done was 5 challenges with one layout. It's kind of a geeky thing to get stoked about, but I'm easily amused. You should be able to juggle our challenges with those at the other board. And ours are well worth it, since our challenge gifts coordinate to make a huge mega kit!
Oh cool .. I wasnt sure of the rules there .. really appreciate you volunteering this .. it does make things a little easier

and dont worry - I get stoked about geeky things like that too .. just two days ago I bought a bamboo fun graphics tablet so I can do my own text paths, elements and other stuff .. today I bought a 'how to draw funky stuff' book .. LOL!

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