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Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

We're prepping. We got nailed by Irene last year even though it was downgraded after it hit land up here and power was out for ages. I usually prep for every storm regardless as my MIL has bad food allergies and normally comes to stay with us during a storm as she's in a heavy power-outage zone. We have two fridges and a chest freezer so everything that fits goes into the chest freezer - and that keeps for about a week. We have Coleman water containers we fill with water and we have my MIL's generator since she can't start it up anymore. We also make sure our propane tanks are filled up for the grill and that I have some easy to cook canned goods. Last year we were caught unawares with all the power outages and although I had some food prepared, I wasn't prepared for week-long power outages. They've been doing a ton of line/tree work in the northeast so I'm hoping that will help some. There was extensive damage last year from the fact that we hadn't had a big storm in so many years (so trees were due to prune themselves) so every time the wind blows here it seems we lose a ton more branches then in years past because of Irene sustained damage. Its looking more and more like its going to hit between Delaware/NJ so I'm not as concerned as I was when it was aimed at southern New England. Things can change at the last minute though so I figure its better safe then sorry. The whole milk and bread thing makes me laugh though... milk spoils!
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