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Default Re: Hurricane Sandy

PLEASE!!!! Take this one seriously!!! In my 25 years with the Red Cross Disaster Team, the only other storm I was afraid of was the "Perfect Storm". This one is NASTY!!! Its because it is a hurricane embedded inside one of the largest N'or Easterns I have ever seen!!! I have never experienced anything like this before. Its called a hybrid storm because it is two storms in one.
Yes, I know a lot of times the storms turn out not as bad as what they report. But they MUST always report the worse----just in case!!! I would rather hear the worse and then have the storm fizzzle out, then not be prepared.
I worry about NYC because it wasn't as bad as they predicted for Irene and I am afraid the people will brush this one off. This COULD be a lot worse in NYC than Irene was because of the surge coming in not only from the Atlantic but also from Long Island Sound. I hope I'm wrong!!
So, last word, PLEASE be prepared, move away from the coastlines, and listen to those weather reports!!!
Thoughts and prayers with all our East Coast corridor friends.
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