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Things are not good on either side of the continent. I would definitely be prepared for the worst. We had a 7.7 earthquake here in BC last night. It was off the coast on a group of islands called Haida Gwaii. They used to be called the Queen Charlotte Islands, but the fault that runs through the islands is basically a continuation of the San Andreas fault. I have friends that live up there and I seriously can't believe there wasn't loss of life or extreme damage. Perhaps because there's not a lot of big buildings there. There are small towns on the island. But it was the 3rd largest in our history - larger than the couple in New Zealand last year that his Christchurch. And the fact that there wasn't really a tsunami was amazing. There was even a warning for Hawaii but that has been lifted. The kind of quake it was might have determined it - it being more back and forth than up and down. It's the thrusting up that can really cause a tsunami - so we were extremely lucky! People have been prepared for such a thing for a while, so for all the evacuations that happened, apparently everyone did so well. That's good to know - so please, be prepared!
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