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Default Re: Freebie downloads and viruses

I have much much experience in downloading freebies and getting viruses. I have found a way to go virus free for about a year now. This is how I do it.
I download worry free from 4 shared worry free directly to my c: drive . IF I want a freebie that is NOT from 4shared...... mostly media fire, I download them to a zip drive. (the memory stick on a chain that I keep in my computer pretty much all the time... if you don't know what it is ask me). This way I didn't "open the door" to my computer to let the virus in. I only let it into this $10 device (which I don't think can crash ). I will also allow myself to download from "other" sites that seem popular like dropbox or what not, but only to my portable memory stick drive. If the site seems off the wall new/crazy/foreigncountry ... etc... I weigh the advantages of how bad I want the item. If I go ahead and try it and have trouble and don't get a smooth download in 1 minute of trying I take it as a sign of trouble and abort mission immediately. I also download anything that is a "direct" download right to my computer worry free, these links usually involve a word/phrase/title like bit/lily I don't know what it means but those downloads just pop up on your screen with an open box and easy easy quick download. Extracting the zip files from the media stick/memory stick allows you to choose where you want to put it in your computer, I just put it wherever from there ( xmas design in xmas folder, halloween folder, etc....)
if you HAVE a virus there is a free download from that will eliminate the virus. It downloads the program into your computer and you can use it over and over again to remove nasty viruses . It updates about twice a year. very reliable and popular. Radio Dj's talk about how it saves their lives when there computer crashes. go to that malware site and click download now, it brings you to another site like CNET or MAJORGEEKS these are also SAFE trusted sites. just do it.

writeback any questions.
my email is
my name is Judy

have fun with freebies !!!
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