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Default November - Surprise Me Border Challenge

Well, now that NSD activities are over (wasn't it a GREAT day at theStudio?)'s time to unpack all those goodies you picked up and join in some of our challenges here! Thank you for making your way to my Border Challenge!

Sometimes when I create a layout, I want the photograph to be the only thing on the page, except perhaps for a date and/or very little text. Yet at the same time, I want some added interest. I have found that borders really come in handy when I find myself in this spot! However, sometimes a more traditional scrapbook page, featuring any number of photos, can be enhanced with the use of a border. These are the concepts that the Border Challenge is based upon. No matter what type of scrapbook page you create, to participate in the Surprise Me! Border Challenge you must .... well... create a border. Each month different challenges will be offered to you........ Here is what I have in mind for November:

Your Challenge this month is to create a "mirrored" border. That means the same border, on opposite sides of the page. So if you create a top border, I want to see the same border on the bottom of the page; if on the right side, also on the left side; if on the left side, also on the right side.

This sounds simple, but as I was thinking about it, I thought it might be a little challenging than I first thought. I will be waiting to see what you all come up with.

Here is a sample of what I mean: (Created by yorkiesmom)

Challenge Requirements:
1. Create a page layout which utilizes a Mirrored Border.
2. You may use any kit that you like. Please be sure to credit the designer.
3. Don't forget to post your layout in the Surprise Me Border Challenge Gallery.
4. Come back and post your preview and a link to your gallery image in this thread.

What do you earn by participating? Well, theStudio offers a 10% discount on ALL of your purchases for the following month. So, if you participate this month and get a layout posted (AND post a link here in this forum), you will receive 10% off every purchase made next month! No coupons are required. The discount will automatically be applied to your purchase. How easy is that? And YES, this is on top of any sales prices too.

I look forward to seeing your imagination at work!

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