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Smile Re: November - Surprise Me Border Challenge

Originally Posted by SnickerdoodleDesigns View Post

Cyndi! Don't you hate it when the little pups won't look at us when we pick up the camera? My dog does that ALL the time!!! I love the floral borders you created here. They really set the scene and make me forget i am looking at a page, bu feel like I am standing in a garden looking at my dog. Also, I love the sunflower turned upside down on your frame!
She poses as I desire, however has her moments. @ this particular moment, it was time to say bye to her buddy Shawn, my husband & she didn't want to miss out. So, @ that particular moment she wasn't interested in posing, she had better things on her mind then posing for the camera.

Her other moments are usually when she is too busy playing, or is distracted by a noise she hears.

I just thought I'd use the picture anyways, this time. It is when she moves that I do not use her pictures & it is when she folds her ears backwards to where people can not see them, that I do not use them.

My camera secretes for taking pictures of dogs:

1. If your dog knows who is boss & is obedient, it is easier to take pictures of them whenever you feel like it. You must take the position of the alpha dog, & the majority of the time, let them know who is boss. If your dog isn't accustomed to this, it may take awhile to change the way they do things.

2. Make the dog think the camera is normal &/or walk around with it & take pictures.

3. Once the above two things are accomplished, it is then easier to take pictures of your dog.

4Notesake: Once I took such an awesome picture of my dog, that the person developing my film, enlarged the picture of my dog & gave the picture to me for free as a bonus.


Love 2 Collect Their Designs: SnickerDoodle & Carin Grobey & Lyn Griffin!!
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