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Default Re: Shopping cart adding items

Same here phhill.. I've always been signed up and I also do the update often too . When I did finally get the newsbreif/newsletter with the Down load a day it was for day 3.. I sent a message to Toiny asking what happened to day 1 and 2 but haven't heard back from her as of yet. ;-( I hate the idea of not having a full kit by some how missing day 1 and 2.. ;-( hopefully it's just clitch and will be solved soon.. ;-)

Originally Posted by pbhill View Post
I have been signed up from the beginning of the Daily Newsbrief. I have not received one since 11/6. I missed out on the first day of Feli's daily download. I only found out about the download starting from the regular newsletter that Toiny sent out today. What is up with the Daily Newsbrief?
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