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Default Re: Black friday sales, WHERE are they??

Originally Posted by blue24k2000 View Post
Once again I am having a horrible time in the store.. I want 22 kits on the $1 Black Friday sale and I STILL CAN NOT get the shopping cart thing to work right.. This is miserable.. we only have until noon and it's already 11:19 and I've been trying for over an hour now to get the kits... I try to ADD TO CART and doesn't do it or it does do it then the next thing you add to the cart deletes what you already had in there.. UUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH ;-( I so wish this problem would get fixed.. I so want to SHOP!! *LOL* but I guess I just have to miss out today.. this is sad.. really wanted these kits.. ;-(

Had the same problems.... it kept adding kits I didn't want... and would remove them when I dumped them into the remove bin, then add them back all over again!!!

If I hovered over the image, it woud add them to the cart!!! Almost gave up... but finally got it to work right.

Have to admit that this problem with the shopping cart - that has been on-going for quite awhile - is making me rethink trying to buy from the store here. Sure does make me sad as I like a lot of the designers.

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