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Default Re: Black friday sales, WHERE are they??

Originally Posted by NancyP View Post
I don't understand it. I never have a problem. Oh wait---I take that back. Two days ago I went to get the Download for the Day and there were EIGHT of them in my shopping cart!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!! )
Anyway I shopped today and never had a problem. I only open one screen--click on the kit I want and click "add to cart"--then I click the back arrow TWO times and I am back at the screen showing all the kits and I click the next one I want etc etc. I had no problems and had a GREAT time shopping----and no kicking screaming pushing crowds!!!!
Nancy, so glad you had no problems and sailed through getting your items. I only had 1 screen opened at the time... did the back arrow twice just as you did... only to find that there were items in my shopping cart that I did not put there... nor had I even looked at the kits that were added! I would add 1 kit to find others added in there at the same time. Took about 10 tries at clearing the cart of unwanted items. I would delete 1 item at a time... but by the time I got to the 3rd item, it would have added back some of the deleted items again. BTW, at the time I was not using the back arrows... just delete an item, then go to the next item to delete. I even did a hard shut down of my computer and came back to find that OTHER KITS were in the cart that I had not looked at before - and none of the ones I had tried to add or delete! Very frustrating...

As I said... I have been hanging in here hoping to see it get better - but seems to be getting worse. Even cleared my cookies to make sure that wasn't a problem. And... most of the items that are showing up in the cart are items I have never seen or looked at so they should never have been put there. I posted about problems back on 10/20... so it has been well over a month now. I will keep checking back as I am trying to get the DDLD kit for this month.

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