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Default Re: Black friday sales, WHERE are they??

Thank you so much Tracy, in Customer Service, for helping me with the shopping cart dilemma !! Now to get my new kits downloaded. Thanks again Tracy for all your help.. *HUGS* !!!!
Ladies, next time if you are having trouble with the stuff you put in your cart not staying in your cart or adding more than 1 of that kit do what was suggested to me.. Change Browsers!! Then try it.. It finally worked for me.. I had been using Mozilla Firefox and just got so upset cause my shopping cart wasn't working right. I had done all the regular things like clear cache, cookies etc.. nothing was working. SO I wrote to Customer Service. I was asked to try another browser and I did.. RockMelt.. It WORKED !! ;-) So if you ever have trouble and you just can't figure it out write to Customer Service . that is what they are there for. Let them know what the problem is so they can try to fix it. They can't fix what they don't know is broken if in fact it is really broken *LOL* Thanks again "Tracy" in Customer Service.. ;-)
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